2016 M/WBE Graduates – NYCHPD

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NYCHPD M/WBE Graduates Over 50 M/WBE firms and nonprofit organizations have participated in two workshop series, gaining valuable insights into and connections with the affordable housing industry. By strengthening and expanding the field of affordable housing developers, HPD hopes to find many new partners with whom we can work to achieve the [...]

Bottom Line Construction: 2016 Mentor Firm

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Good News Announcement: Bottom Line Construction is one of NYC School Construction Authority’s 2016 Mentor Firms. Staying the course has its rewards!

Procida Directs Finance To Bottom Line Construction

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ALEXIS MCSWEEN AND BILLY PROCIDA AT BALDWIN PARK GROUNDBREAKING BY REW  •   NOVEMBER 12, 2015 Alexis McSween, owner of Harlem-based Bottom Line Construction & Development, announced her firm has broken ground on Baldwin Park ...  ... Click here to read the article

Baldwin Park Press Release2

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Press Release NEW YORK, NY (October 20, 2015) - Alexis McSween, owner of Harlem based Bottom Line Construction & Development, LLC (BLCD) a certified NYS and City M/WBE, DBE and LBE firm, announces groundbreaking of Baldwin Park, a modern boutique residential building in West Harlem. The event is set to take place on [...]