Bottom Line Construction & Development, A 2020 SBA Award-Winning Firm

Bottom Line Construction & Development

A new era requires a new approach

From Structures to Communities

The forces driving urban construction and development are reshaping how communities want to live, work and play. Trends like the new urbanism, growing inequality, longer life expectancy and more frequent and/or severe disaster, crisis or global events are presenting challenges that require a new way of doing construction and development in the future.

Including diverse providers and services while supporting human connections; creating or expanding access to affordable, community-focused housing; integrating modern accessibility amenities and solutions into structures and applying sustainable models for new risk and resiliency solutions are what the urban construction and development ecosystem requires.

Highly recommended

BLCD embeds the feeling of community when building structures with intention, authenticity and discipline —clients love them

Diverse owned

BLCD is a 100% diverse-owned construction and development company serving the greater New York City Metro area.


BLCD invests in the communities by sourcing talent locally and providing economic stability to the neighborhood.
Give Respect and Expect it Back

Meet our CEO,
Alexis McSween

Alexis McSween is the founder and CEO of Bottom Line Construction & Development, LLC (BLCD). A 100% woman-and minority-owned construction and development company, BLCD embodies the ingenuity, grit and grace that characterizes Alexis’ life.

Alexis brings over eighteen years of practical and professional experience—twelve of which are in real estate development and construction, including public works—to cultivating community. She combines human centric-community development, entrepreneurial problem solving and hard core real estate development and construction management. In doing so, BLCD is able to fulfill market demand, minimize financial risk, leverage transferrable models and maximize municipal incentives while making a broader and lasting impact.

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