Youth Construct Program

BLCD Supports:  Youth Construction Administration

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BLCD’s H.S. construction administration program provides training for an industry that leads our economy: Public & Commercial Construction.

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Our communities are riddled with students and families that can no longer keep up with the debt burden of higher education. Black and Brown students are more likely to end up at open-access, under-resourced colleges. Graduation rates are lower and many of these students leave the schools with more debt than their white counterparts. 86.6% of black students borrow federal loans compared to 59.9% of white students and are five times more likely to default on their loans due to lower earnings post-grad. These are all factors that affect the student’s ability to graduate with a degree that holds value in the labor market, leaving students and their families lost and confused. Alexis McSween’s dream is to help build a better future for these students by creating a construction administration program for high school students. 

BLCD is a 100% female-owned MWBE construction & development firm located in NYC, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. With the help of your contribution, our Youth Construct program will be able to provide minority, economically disadvantaged youth with an opportunity for a brighter future in the lucrative industry of construction administration.